Creality LD002R 3D Printer

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  • Build Volume: 119*65*160
  • File format: STL/CTB
  • XY axis precision: 0.075mm
  • Layer thickness: 0.02 - 0.05 mm
  • Printing speed: 6 - 18 s/layer
  • Resin: Photo sensitive, Elastomeric, Standard, Dental
  • Display: color touch screen
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Creality LD002R 3D printer is an affordable way to achieve excellent resin prints with intricate detaining and perfectly smooth edges and surfaces. It will surprise you with its quality and reliability, from the software to the unusually robust cover. This great printer has an actual printing size of 119-65-160mm, which is enough to make anyone’s imagination come to life! The device also features a 2K resolution screen to give you a better printing experience. As a resin printer, the LD002R can be used for industrial purposes, as well as for individual use, which makes it one of the best professional 3D printers out there. It will successfully print jewelry models, dental molds, and basically anything with elaborate detailing. This device will also be highly productive in educational environments, and it can be used for demo lessons as well as connect studies on chemistry, physics and design.


Key features

  • Air purification system

  • Working with resin can be hard because of the odour, but Creality LD002R 3D printer solves this problem by introducing an active carbon air-filtering system and a dual fan. This system makes sure no odour escapes the cover.
  • Uniform light

  • This feature greatly improves precision. It ensures 90% light evenness, which gives 30% more accuracy in printing.
  • Sturdy construction

  • The metal body makes sure the whole construction is strong and reliable.
  • Pre-assembled

  • This Creality printer comes pre-assembled, so it’s ready to go from the moment it arrives in the mail — a pleasant surprise for those who are short on time.
  • User-friendly slicing software

  • The Creality LD002R uses software that is simple enough even for a newbie and won’t pose any problems with the models.
  • High-quality detailing

  • This SLA resin 3D printer is capable of achieving remarkable detailing and smooth surfaces with premium precision and accuracy.


Printing Size


Area Length

Area Width



Box Dimensions





Box Weight


Kit includes

  • Printer
  • TF Card & Reader
  • Hex Keys, Wrench & Screwdriver
  • Power Cable
  • Nozzle Cleaner
  • Spare Parts
  • T-Nut
  • User Guide


Printing Technology


Print size

119x65x160 mm

Machine size

221x221x403 mm

Package size

295x295x545 mm

Print speed

20-30 mm/h

Prints support

Automatic/ Manual

Nominal voltage

100-240 V

Output voltage

12 V

Layer Height

0.01-0.05 mm


Chinese/ English

Print method


File format


Machine weight

7 kg

Package weight

8.7 kg

Nominal power

72 W


Ordinary rigid photosensitive resin, standard resin, elastomeric resin, highly-resistant resin, dental resin



1000 px
1000 px


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Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is the technology where a three-dimensional object is being printed, layer by layer from a CAD model. Each 3D printer operates with special software, and the 3D models to print can be either downloaded or designed.
There are many different ways to carry out the printing process itself. The main distinctive feature between different printers and technologies is the thickness layer - the thinner the layer, the better and smoother the end product. The difference may be between a couple of millimetres to a couple of microns.

There are many areas of use for a 3D printer, from creating a home decore to education and industries. When it comes to industries, a 3D printer can innovate the production process of individual parts, bringing new materials to light and lifting the level of quality.
3D printers can easily be used by tech-fans, people who like building models, cars, aeroplanes, and others, and also by those who see it as a fun hobby. Most intricate models, the smallest parts, and complicated shapes can be printed.

Many various 3D printing processes exist. The first one ever created was SLA. However, the most commonly used one today, especially for educational and home use purposes as a desktop printer is the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). They are comparatively cheap and easy to use, hence their overwhelming popularity.

The most commonly used materials are plastics that include PETG, ABS, and PLA. Of course, many other materials can be used in 3D printing with FDM technology; however, their use depends on the printer itself and its ability to process them.


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AMAAN SUMMERS 2023/12/14

Thus far, I have used various brands of 3D printers, and this is the best by far, considering the price. I was so delighted that I purchased 4 units for printing models. Assembly takes about an hour and all of them work as expected. Since then, we sold the other expensive models, and the difference in quality is visible. Not a single fail so far, and each printer does 10-15 prints.


CALEB D. 2023/12/10

The product is fantastic for the price. I assembled it carefully and printed several models that looked excellent. With the right fine-tuning, I am certain I can improve the quality of the prints. What took me so long to find it?


ABDUL W. 2023/12/9

Absolutely fantastic! Other than leveling the bed, I have not had any problem. I have used it for hundreds of hours without the need to replace parts.