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About Our Online Store

It was a scalding-hot summer day. Saturday, August 4, 2013. The hottest day of that year.
It was announced the unbearably hot weather was going to stick around for another two weeks. The four of us – four closest, childhood friends gathered around in our friend’s home in Hampton.
The atmosphere in the room was gloomy. We were all standing at the crossroads of life. We had to decide – what to do with our lives – go to college or find some way to follow our passion for technology and make something out of it. Something which would enable us to not only have fun doing it… but makes a living for ourselves and our families off it. Nothing came to mind. We had no idea, how on earth we could monetize our passion for tech in any way. The idea itself sounded immature and stupid.

None of us remembers who first came up with the idea of 3D Printer World.

We just started talking and throwing ideas on each other and dreaming out loud. That was all like a brainstorming session that could never end since you know, it’s always fun talking to your friends especially if you are talking about things that you are in love with. In our case, that was technology and the innovation that surrounds it. So, in the middle of this conversation, we kind of landed on the idea of building a place where everyone could find something fun and useful for them.

But that could not be a physical store or a shop since that would limit its accessibility. And here came the idea of having an online store which everyone from every corner of the world could use.

Imagine, you are trying to find something unique. Where do you go? Usually, gift shops are the place to find such things, but they have a lot of limitations. Most of the time, you will find a lot of fancy things there, but you will hardly ever find something really unique and useful at the same time.

For example, imagine you have the vision to engrave pictures on different materials (smartphone case, plates, car keys, etc.) but you cannot do all these things, because it’s almost impossible to find a product or a tool for that. Or imagine, you want to eat fresh and healthy food. We all want to do that, right? But after a hard working day, it takes a lot of time to cook something. Here comes a cooker with wifi and soft integration. You just put ingredients inside, set the program and after several minutes you get the homemade and tasty dish. Or even better, insert ingredients early morning and set the program via smartphone – At 6:30 pm all must be done and on temperature 50 degrees of Celsius.

That’s how technology helps people and makes their life easier. These examples pushed us to start a unique technology shop, where you can find products that aren’t in mass, products that will help you in daily routine so that you can concentrate on more important things.

Welcome to 3D Printer World. It is an online store containing the most unique tech products you could think of. 3D Printer World was created by an enthusiastic team of technophiles based in the UK. We believe that life could be made way more comfortable and fun with the help of specific technological solutions.

And this firm belief of ours has landed us on the idea of creating a platform where people could search for and acquire innovative tech products.

These products are meant for making people’s lives easier, happier, and more fun. At 3D Printer World we breathe innovation, and we want to make innovative products easily accessible to everyone. Let’s explore what you can get from 3D Printer World and how you can do that.

The journey of 3D Printer World products

While we have got tons of crazy ideas, we don’t usually create the products ourselves. We collaborate with other creative and like-minded people to showcase their products in our online store. This way, we serve as a unique link between creative craftsmen and people who appreciate their work.

But there is an essential thing to take into consideration: we take care to deliver the best products. For this reason, we do the following:

Before selling the product, we order an example from the supplier

We test the sample in our office and make sure it is of high-quality and is safe to use

Then we showcase the product on our online store

No product is left out of this cycle since we take product quality and the customers’ safety on top of everything else.