Anet ET5X 3D Printer

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  • Build Volume: 300*300*400
  • Software: Cura, Repetier, Simplify3D
  • Layer Thickness: 0.1 - 0.3 mm
  • Frame: Metal frame
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Recommended filament: PLA/ABS/HiPS
  • LCD display: Color touch screen
Estimated delivery date 2024/04/19

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Anet ET5X is a robust professional 3D printer, that can serve individual needs, as well as be used in small scale manufacturing and for educational purposes. It’s quite easy to operate, which is convenient for young users and beginners in general. This great device can print rather large objects, 300-300-400 mm, which means fewer limits to the imagination and lots of possibilities in form, purpose and material. This 3D printer can be used to create anything from a toy train or a broken door handle to bone models for class demonstrations and architectural designs. Anet ET5X provides smooth performance without glitches and sharp edges. This printer is quite diverse when it comes to filament. It will easily work with ABS, PLA, Wood, Nylon, etc. It also has the possibility to work offline, using a card slot, which is immensely useful in case the connection is not reliable.


Key features

  • Auto levelling

  • There’s no need to waste time on nerve-wracking levelling tasks. This 3D printer will do it perfectly well on its own. This will save you energy and quite frankly, have better results.
  • Metal frame

  • This printer has an extraordinarily sturdy construction, which ensures high printing precision and smooth edges.
  • Quick assembly

  • Despite the metal construction, this printer is quite easy to assemble, which makes it accessible for young students to use independently and successfully.
  • Filament assignment

  • This function allows to automatically load and unload the filament with only one click. This saves a lot of time and energy in both industrial use and individual printing.
  • Power recovery

  • This feature ensures the safety of the device and the printed model. If the power source is not stable and the printer shuts down, it will be able to resume the process at the exact spot where it left off, thus making sure no quality is lost.
  • Thermal protection

  • Anet ET5X is able to control the hotbed thermal spills to ensure maximal safety for the user.


Printing Size


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Kit includes

  • Wrench x2
  • 10M Filament
  • Extruder Kit
  • Memory Crad & Card Reader
  • Filament Holder
  • Cable Tie
  • Power Cable
  • Belt
  • Screw and Nut
  • 10A Catridge Nuse
  • Spare Nozzle
  • Setup Manual
  • User Manual
  • Packing List
  • Warranty Card


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Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is the technology where a three-dimensional object is being printed, layer by layer from a CAD model. Each 3D printer operates with special software, and the 3D models to print can be either downloaded or designed.
There are many different ways to carry out the printing process itself. The main distinctive feature between different printers and technologies is the thickness layer - the thinner the layer, the better and smoother the end product. The difference may be between a couple of millimetres to a couple of microns.

There are many areas of use for a 3D printer, from creating a home decore to education and industries. When it comes to industries, a 3D printer can innovate the production process of individual parts, bringing new materials to light and lifting the level of quality.
3D printers can easily be used by tech-fans, people who like building models, cars, aeroplanes, and others, and also by those who see it as a fun hobby. Most intricate models, the smallest parts, and complicated shapes can be printed.

Many various 3D printing processes exist. The first one ever created was SLA. However, the most commonly used one today, especially for educational and home use purposes as a desktop printer is the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). They are comparatively cheap and easy to use, hence their overwhelming popularity.

The most commonly used materials are plastics that include PETG, ABS, and PLA. Of course, many other materials can be used in 3D printing with FDM technology; however, their use depends on the printer itself and its ability to process them.


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CASPER O. 2024/4/12

This is the best printer I’ve purchased and having worked with it, I can confirm the quality of its prints is superb and the customer service impeccable. I am even considering buying a second printer from the same brand.


RAFE C. 2024/4/11

For almost a year, I printed dozens of various creative items without a glitch, after which the filament jammed and broke down. We were aware that we couldn’t use the extruder to feed the filament. Whenever it tried to load the filament, we would hear a clicking sound. We contacted customer service and in no time, they emailed me instructions on how to open two screws to access the broken filament. In less than 5 minutes, were back to printing just as before. Besides being rugged, the printer prints even delicate models. I can’t wait for the next generation printer from the brand.


ALFIE W. 2024/4/10

For a long time, I’ve wanted to make various things with this printer, and now I can actualize my dreams. I use it to make miscellaneous stuff. You need to try it out.