We don’t want to be just a seller we want to be a changemaker

It’s important for us to give back to the community, so we can all prosper together. That’s why 30% of all profits we donate to underprivileged children through financial aid and educational opportunities. Currently, we are developing educational programs, to facilitate the growth and success of future generations in our fast-changing and digital world, through soft skills and implementation of entrepreneurial ideas. We have also carried out several fundraisers to provide material aid in the form of needed merchandise to facilities, giving help to at-risk mothers and their children.


People in Need

Projects that we have done

New Year Charity

New Year's Wonder: This New Year kaoori's family took upon themselves to bring joy to the less fortunate. We organised a toy drive and also each member of our team donated a percentage of their salary to buy presents. Armed with toys and festive mood we have visited underprivileged families, an orphanage and partnered with Fond of Armenian Relief. We have also carried out a fundraiser - a Christmas Market, to help a centre, which hosts children with disabilities. Moreover, we have visited children with cancer in the hospital and helped them with their entertainment needs and sparked smiles and light in patients’ eyes.

Coder Dojo

We partnered with Coder Dojo to promote the art that is in high demand these days - coding. We provide our office for free classes every Saturday. Plus, several of the kaoori family members have become mentors for the kids, teaching them the craft of coding and networking. Those kids who are old enough among the staff member’s children also take part in those classes, understand what their parents do and get familiarized with modern-day professions in demand.



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The collected money is redirected to fund a current or future charity project


We change children’s lives

The collected money aids to implement the projects and help future generations

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