• We offer a product guarantee that allows you to get a product replacement or money refund after receiving your order, and it fails to match your expectations. To file for a replacement under warranty, you should;
• Contact the customer service team and explain why you need a replacement. You should have proof of product purchase in the form of photos or videos
• You should also have evidence that the product has technical issues
• The customer support team will inform you of the way forward. You could have the existing product fixed or get a replacement

In the case of replacement

• You will be asked to send the product back as per the return policy guidelines
• Once the package arrives at the fulfilment centre, it will be inspected to ensure that it does not have any physical damages and that it meets the requirements of the return policy
• If it does, you will receive a report on when you will get a replacement or money refund as per the return policy guidelines

Points to note

• You do not get a replacement if the product has any physical damages
• You should provide proof of purchase and technical malfunction to get a replacement