Which is the Right 3D Printer for You

Are you looking for the right 3D printer for you? Whether you need it for personal, educational or business use, they have come in as lifesavers and made the manufacturing process much more exciting and manageable. They have come in to help minimize mistakes in the manufacturing industry and enhance customization.

However, there are a variety of 3D printer kits in the market for you to choose from. Some are made for beginners while some are best if you are already an expert in using the machine. In this article, I will be guiding you on selecting the best 3D printer that will suit all your needs and budget.

You will get a guide on why you need to get a one and help you select the best 3D printer for personal use. Let’s have a comparison of the different printers.

3D printer models come with a range of benefits, and apart from the common ones that they help you save money and time, there are lots of ways in which you can use these machines to better your life. If you are wondering whether you should get one for personal use or you are not sure if you need one, here are some ways in which it could be a lifesaver.

Make money – Did you know that 3D printers are a potential source of income? You are probably looking to increase your revenue and earn more besides what you get from your primary job. Getting it is a perfect way to make some extra money at the comfort of your home. You can use it to process 3D prints for people then sell them remotely or online. This will help you get your printing skills to perfection while making extra bucks out of it. Other than the prints, you can make money by teaching people how to use the printer itself at a small fee.

Educate your kids – Technology is always advancing, and it can only be best if you help your kids keep up with the changes. There are new ways of doing things now, and learning using 3D printing technology is one of them. This kind of learning is fun, interesting, and engaging. Naturally, you may wonder, what can you make with a 3d printer at home? For example, you can print items such as educational models to help you illustrate different concepts. Take an example of planets or atoms. These are among the models that you can make; rest assured that whatever the kids from them will stick in their minds. It is a perfect way of empowering the kids to understand concepts and stick with them quickly.

For games and puzzles – If you are a lover of games, then you understand just how good it feels to have a range of your favorite games right at your access. If you do not wish to use your 3D printer for financial gains, then you can use it as a hobby. You can use it to create a range of unique designs and fun objects that you can use with your family to solve puzzles. This will not only help you enjoy your favorite games but also, it gives you a chance to better your skills and master new ones. It is an excellent way of spending your free time maybe after work or on weekends.

Now that you know that you need a 3D printer, it is time to select one that will suit your needs. Below are some of the common personal 3D printers and their features to help you decide which one is best for you.

Anet A6 3D printer

If you are a fan of 3D technology, there is no doubt that you have noticed the increasing popularity of Anet A6 printers. The printer is famous for a range of reasons, the main one being that it is wallet-friendly. The A6 printer is an entry-level 3D printer that is excellent for both beginners and advanced users who are looking for a way to customize and put a personal touch on their products. This printer is highly recommendable for personal use due to its affordability and the fact that you can use it to perfect your skills. If you are new to this and looking for the perfect machine to help you create fun designs and print outs to help you make some extra money, this is the right printer for you. It comes with a range of attractive features such as open source, a revamped design and has a build area. Ideally, Anet A6 3D printer is the best for individuals who are looking for a low budget 3D printer that lets them customize and personalize their printing while offering a large print bed so they can print as much as they want and from this, it is clear that it is a good investment if you want to print items to sell.

Anet A8 3D printer

The main reason why people love this printer is due to its excellent performance, which makes it great both for the beginners and 3D experts. However, the printer can be such a challenge when it comes to assembling and building it up, but its printing capacity is A1. This is unexpected considering that it is super affordable and among the cheapest. When you consider the price, and it’s surprisingly high printing capacity and quality, it is hard to leave this printer behind. However, the main downside is trying to figure out how to assemble it, especially if you have not done that before. The assembling process is not only complicated for beginners but also, its calibration takes a certain stoicism level. This is an excellent 3D printer if you are looking to make printer outs and unique designs for sale. It allows you to make quality designs that will definitely attract buyers attention. Also, you can use it for educational purposes whereby you can teach people how to use it at a fee or make printouts to teach your kids some school concepts. It comes with super amazing features such as 3D enhancements that let you customize the print. What’s more? It is super affordable and the performance is super amazing. You would not need to break the bank to acquire it for home use.

Geeetech A10 3D printer

For anyone looking for a classy but straightforward machine, this one’s for you. The price is affordable, but the specs are amazing. It has come in to beat most of the high-tech 3D printers as most individuals find it convenient, flexible, and affordable. It has a great build volume and does not require expertise to use. If it is your first time using a 3D printer and you wish to use it to learn new skills, this one will do. The best part is that it comes with a slicer to ensure that you do not make mistakes even in your first project. With a few hundred dollars, you can get your hands on this machine and make a living out it. You can also use it for games and fun at home and also let your kids learn a thing or two from it. Its flexibility allows you to make a range of designs and you can therefore take advantage of that to come up with numerous print outs for sale. You can actually create a website or advertise your products on social media platforms, let people make their orders online and make them to their specifications. Make your life more interesting as you make extra bucks from this.

Geeetech A20M Mix-color 3D printer

For an exciting and well-built 3D printer structure, this is the machine for you. The best part about this printer is its classic and easy-to-built design. The device is specifically designed to give users an uninterrupted view, thus giving them an exciting and enriching experience. It entails a super safe power supply which makes it safe to use at home and around kids. Also, it has a mix-color printing, which you can take advantage of to come up with unique and beautiful designs for sale. People are going to love your print outs due to uniqueness, which will, in return, help you maximize your sales. You can also take advantage of its large printing feature to come up with large items, either for sale or for display in your home. Even better; you can take advantage of the fantastic features to come up with great learning models and make your children’s learning worthwhile. This printer is the go-to choice if you are looking for a high-edge 3D printer, but you cannot reach the price. Although it is not as big, it is a dual extruder 3D printer with a single nozzle, and sturdy base and the price is quite attractive. Compared to other Geeetech printers, A20M, is in the middle in terms of price. It is quite bigger and more expensive than A10M, but if you use it correctly, the 3D printer price will be worth it, and you will be able to get the returns even before you know it.

Anycubbic Photon 3D printer

Resin 3D printers have become a buzz with more and more consumers loving their performance and specs. People are in love with the 3D printer’s printing capacity and affordable prices, and Anycubic Photon is one of the hits in the market. Its price is slightly below $500, which is quite a steal, especially for home use. Users can print a lot with it, and if used correctly, the profits are incredibly impressive. Imagine if you can use this to make $10 per day. You will have your money back in less than two months, and the best part is that the more you use it, the more you can perfect your skills. In a matter of three months, you will be in a position to make high-end designs with it and will have loads of orders coming your way.  Photon 3D printer is the ideal choice for anyone in search of an educational printing machine or a 3D printer to help them make extra cash at the comfort of their homes.

Anycubic Chiron 3D printer

For a flexible, convenient, and large 3D printer, Anycubic Chiron is the best choice for you. It features the best bed to make your printing experience the best. Of all the Anycubic printers, Chiron could be the winner in terms of speed and functionality. It is quite expensive, but it is all for the right reasons. Its HUGE Ultrabase print bed is what makes it a buzz not to mention the incredibly great control and intelligence.

If you are looking for a large-sized, intelligent, safe, and fast operation home 3D printer, then this one got you covered. You can use this machine for educational purposes as well to help you make designs for sale and for displaying at your house.

These are the top reviewed 3D printers that you can choose from. When choosing the right 3D printer for you, it is wise that you put some factors into consideration. For starters, check the features and usability. Does it require expertise to use? If you are a beginner, go for a straightforward machine that you can comfortably handle. The next thing to check is the features. Ensure that the features match what you are looking for. Check if it is safe. The other and most important element to check is the cost. Make sure that you can comfortably afford to buy whichever 3D printer you choose.

These are the top 3D printers that you can choose to make your experience while at home super amazing and improve your living. You can find them at Amazon or specialized 3D printer shops like 3D Printer World at the best price offers and get started with your earning. The most recommended way to get your 3D printer is by purchasing it at a specialized shop. This way, you will have access to expert customer support, and they can guide you on how to choose the best printer that will meet your exact needs and budget. All the best!

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